Vendor Services

Free Vendor Directory Listing

Classifieds style listing, free to any farmers market stall holder, be it a grower or food vendor. Includes banner and headshot photo/logo, bio, phone, email, and social media links. This is also displayed here on your local Farmers Market pages. Can be followed and shareable with others.

Vendor eCommerce Suite Upgrades

Click ‘n’ collect produce shopping. Buyers pay vendors by cash/EFTPOS upon pickup at their local market. Free upgrade in November to our eCommerce suite with online payment and delivery options. The service subscription is just $30/month plus a one-time $200 design fee to optimize products, images, SEO, online training.. Details here.


1. What are the eCommerce suite Terms?
Upon the publication of your listing, which is reviewed by you, the initial month’s subscription and design fee becomes due. Subsequent payments are automated and processed monthly via bank or POLI payment, helping to mitigate the risks associated with credit card payments such as fraud, errors, and additional fees. Please note that all prices shown exclude GST.

2. Do you offer a free eCommerce plan?
Yes, we do offer a free eCommerce plan, but it is exclusively for local charities and some co-operatives. It’s important to note that eCommerce providers who offer free plans often take a commission of 10-15% on each sale. Additionally, bank, eftpos, and gateway fees can take another 4-6% of your earnings. Our small setup fee and $30/month subscription offer excellent value in comparison, especially when using our upcoming digital wallets, tokens and vouchers, saving on bank and transaction fees…

3. What products can I sell on my eCommerce shop site?
Our platform is designed to support the sale of anything that is locally grown, fresh, and edible. This includes leafy greens, tomatoes, root crops, herbs, mushrooms, fruits, berries, and more. If your products are organic, this can be highlighted in your seller’s profile or on the specific product page. We also support vendors selling locally produced food and drink items such as preserves, cheeses, nuts, honey, kombucha, and eggs. In 2024, we may expand our platform to include selected artisan sellers.

4. How many items can I list on my eCommerce shop?
We limit listings to 20 items. However, variations like size, color, and grouped or box items are permitted. We encourage sellers to specialize in a particular product range or specialty items rather than trying to offer a vast array of products. Our research suggests that too much choice can overwhelm customers and negatively impact sales.

5. What about seasonal eCommerce shop subscriptions?
We understand that many products are not available year-round. Our listing fees are charged on a monthly basis in advance. If your products are seasonal, we can disable your existing directory account when it’s not needed, saving you the hassle of signing up or uploading items again the next season.

6. Does the shop listing allow for bundles and minimum item orders?
Absolutely. Our platform accommodates standard, variable, and bundled items. It also allows you to set minimum or maximum quantities for any produce item or category.

7. I already have an e-commerce website. Why should I list here?
Listing on our platform can enhance your exposure to a wider audience. By adding your produce here, each item can link back to your own eCommerce website, potentially driving more sales.

8. How does SEO and Google ranking work?
We include SEO optimization for your business listing and product page. Additionally, linking and sharing your product page with your social media accounts is a powerful standard feature we provide. We also offer upgrades for featured listings or advertising to increase your visibility on our website.

9. What measures are in place for site security and censorship?
Our website, including the social community elements, is hosted on our own secure, private server, minimizing the risk of permanent shutdown. While the main site and all listings are search-optimized, community comments and groups are only viewable by logged-in members and are not indexed by search engines. We maintain a respectful community by not allowing material that abuses or harasses others, or contains obscenities and pornography. Violations of these rules may result in the disabling of the offending member’s account.


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