About the Farmers & Growers Directory

Welcome to our unique directory-shop, a visionary concept conceived by Kevin Trye, a retired high tech engineer and eCommerce architect. With an impressive portfolio of over 1,500 websites worked on since 2000, Kevin brings years of online and IT experience to the table. This geek was also raised on a family farm, tending to cows, daily milkings, helping his Dad on their 20 acres established for NZ trials of Yates seeds and then holidays with Uncles on sheep farms. It all instilled a deep appreciation for farming and agriculture.


But those days are long gone now. Countless family-run dairy farms, sheep farms and market gardens that have been lost over time. As pointed out by Dave Kennedy of Farmers Markets NZ, the number of growers in NZ has drastically dwindled from 24,000 to a mere 900. The majority of these remaining growers primarily cater to the export market, leaving local needs unmet.

We believe that the solution is not merely more marketing, but the provision of practical tools and strategies. It’s high time we provide eager buyers with the essential online purchasing and delivery options they need to regularly buy or pre-order fresh, locally-grown produce.

Our mission is to establish a practical, safe, and interactive multivendor shopping site that will educate, unite and empower buyers, growers, and communities. We are inspired by the commendable work of the People’s Food and Farming Alliance in the UK.

Please note that we are not associated with the NZ Farmers Market or Local Markets Associations, which are primarily marketing organisations, each doing commendable work. Our focus is on providing real-world, practical online shopping solutions that help smaller growers and local communities thrive.

Currently, we are in the process of setting up a separate non-profit business with its own legal and accounting structure. This new entity will be dedicated to this crucial project and website, ensuring its longevity and instilling confidence in those who participate. If you believe you can contribute to our cause, would like to partner with us, or possess specialist skills required for this type of venture, we encourage you to get in touch with us using the form below.


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