Vendor Business Directory Listing

Photo style listing, FREE to any farmers market stall holder, be it a grower, food producer or artisan. Listings are filtered, searchable to help buyers find what they need and also displayed on Farmers Market pages across this site. We include banner and headshot photo/logo, bio, phone, email, and social media linkups.

To become a Vendor, register on the site as a member/buyer, then click on the ‘Become a Vendor‘ link displayed on your account page. You’ll then access the Vendor dashboard. We’ll contact you to complete the listing.


Want to sell 24/7? Easy upgrades later to an eCommerce Shop listing

  1. Reach More Customers: By moving from a simple directory listing to an affordable online shopping platform, you can reach a larger audience. Customers who cannot physically visit the weekend market can still browse and purchase your products online.
  2. Convenience for Customers: Start off with a simple ‘click n collect’ pre-ordering service, allowing customers to plan their purchases in advance. No more emails back and forth. They can secure their produce for the upcoming market day, or arrange pickup/delivery later.
  3. Easy online selling: With a suite of online payment and delivery options coming, your business can operate round the clock. This means you can generate sales even outside of traditional market hours. Markets can work with us to arrange local, affordable delivery options too.
  4. Customer Loyalty: The inclusion of vouchers and loyalty programs can help retain customers. By rewarding repeat purchases, customers will keep coming back and often tell their friends!
  5. Easy, painless setup: Ours is a managed, fully supported shop, meaning we do the initial set up for you, adding products, then online training on sales and customer management.
  6. Market Expansion: Initially configured just for local growers and organic food vendors, the plan is to extend this service to artisan and craft vendors in early 2024.


eCommerce Tutorial

Shopping cart modules include multiple online payment options, community vouchers, a loyalty system, Point-of-Sale, and enhanced delivery tools. These affordable, pre-built eCommerce shops, listed within a national directory, empower growers and selected food vendors, to list and sell produce online, as well as drive more sales to their stalls at the local weekend Farmers Market or Food co-op.

Costs: Grower eCommerce Shop subscription fee starts from just $30/mth. There’s a one-off $200 design-build fee to add produce details, localisation, SEO, optimise all images, add social linking and online training. Early-bird eCommerce deals available

Below are 2 tutorials. The first an introduction to the site from a visitor viewpoint. The second what you have when logged in.

More details of all our tools and plans are in our eCommerce roadmap


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eCommerce Shop Terms and Conditions summary: Early-bird discount applies to September shop sign ups only, with early applicants monthly subscriptions discounted until the end of 2023. Individual shops limited to max of 24 items, although variations and grouped/box items are allowed. No long term contracts. Seasonal listings allowed. Pricing shown excludes GST. Initial invoice due when listing goes live following checking/approval by applicant. For security, subsequent monthly listing subscriptions paid by monthly bank transfers, controlled by the vendor.