Development Roadmap

Enhancing the Market Buying Experience

Our upcoming directory and community tools have been making waves. We’re committed to developing innovative solutions for small-scale produce growers looking to sell their products online. Our affordable, automated systems are designed to drive sales to your stall at the weekly market, transforming customers into regular buyers and advocates for your brand.

Growers eCommerce Suite: The Road Ahead

To start, all growers who upgrade from their free directory listing to our eCommerce suite will receive a user-friendly ‘click n collect’ shopping cart. This allows buyers to order online and complete payments as they pick up their items directly from the local farmers market. Notably, buyers can purchase from multiple growers in a single transaction!

From November, we’re enhancing our services to include online payments and delivery. This means you can accept credit card payments and internet bank transfers, and offer local shipping options.

Exciting Enhancements on the Horizon

We’re also working on several exciting features to help you compete effectively with larger supermarket chains:

Micropayment Tools – We’re introducing gift vouchers, split payments, transferable digital wallets, reward points and tokens to provide buyers with flexible payment options and [quite often] halve those nasty bank fees.

Market Day Point of Sale – Imagine being able to track your market day income, produce volumes, and even customers at the Farmers Market. This feature allows you to better track cash, credit card, and eftpos sales, process vouchers, tokens, digital coupons, and more.

Mobile Delivery App – This feature allows local couriers or volunteers to be assigned individual deliveries with ease. It’s perfect for smaller towns and communities, and provides an opportunity for high school students with a mobile phone, to earn pocket money.

Social Media Integration – We’re aiming to go beyond standard sharing tools. Our integration with Facebook and other channels allows elements on our site to be automatically shared on your social media platforms, saving you time and effort.

Add in Shop Videos: 87% of marketers recently noted that those home-grown small business videos clips across Youtube, FB and Instagram had a huge influence on sales. We’ve a mobile app that makes direct video uploads to our site library really easy. For a modest cost, we then trim, brand and add to your shop or specific produce page, without all that nasty Youtube or FB branding and advertising.

AI-Assisted SEO – Each seller’s shop page will be SEO-optimized and submitted to Google to increase your online visibility. We’re also using AI to monitor large competitors and carve out our rightful place online.

eShop Marketing – Our platform allows members to follow your shop and share your specific shop page. We also offer affiliate tools to encourage loyal buyers to direct traffic and sales to your shop. If you have an email list, we offer affordable monthly email marketing services.

Community Tokens – Our community tokens allow members to exchange funds, time, labor, or food-related services. This is a safer, easier-to-use alternative to Bitcoin. We’ll be running webinars to explain how this feature works, but rest assured, it’s a secure and safe system.

Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the way small-scale growers do business online.


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