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Guide to sowing seeds

Great introduction

Abundance in Your Backyard

A popular clip from the US on how to create your own forest garden. One of the best introductions you’ll find. There are similar examples emerging here and in Australia.

A taste of Country in Suburbia

An interview on Radio NZ in Feb on a great story from the Waikato. Click here


12 Vegetables You Need To Plant 

Although this ‘City Prepping’ clip is out of the US and hence 6 months out in terms of planting timeframes, is still a great tutorial

Ref Rumble channel

The Story of Edible

screenshot www.stuff

The First Farmers Market in NZ

Let’s start with an interview on Radio NZ from 2012. This is the amazing story of the Whangarei Growers Market, talking about the initial challenges, but also the massive benefits that soon came to local growers, their customers, and the community.

RNZ country life, 2012 interview


Christchurch urban garden

An amazing inititive from 2017 in Christchurch


Seeds – Another currency?

A fascinating perspective on seeds and their value to humanity. Fortunately, in NZ we have operations like Koanga and others who support heritage seed protection and distribution

Avoid food shortages & surprises

Nobody knows what’s around the corner. Be it natural disasters, rogue government policies or worldwide political forces determined to disrupt food supplies, growing your own food has never been more important…

Start your journey at home, or with a local community group. It could be the best decision you’ll ever make for your family and neighbourhood.

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Collapse of Commercial Growers

“Once, 80% of our [growers] food came from local suppliers. Today it’s under 10%.” Once there were 24,000 growers here, now it’s under 900! Reference. March 2023