Growing Your Own

We are living in a very precarious world, with so many changes happening. Whilst a lot of this is out of our control, one thing that we can focus on and control – is to start to grow our own vegetables.


Amazing Permaculture Food Forest 

In the small town of Riverton at the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island is Robert and Robyn Guyton’s amazing 23-year-old food forest. The 2-acre property has been transformed from a neglected piece of land into a thriving ecosystem of native and exotic trees where birds and insects live in abundance. Robert and Robyn are a huge inspiration to us, not only for their beautiful approach to healing the land and saving heritage trees and seeds, but for the way they’ve impacted on their local community.


Charles Dowding’s No Dig method

For the past 40 years, Charles Dowding has pioneered the No Dig method of growing flowers and vegetables. A successful market gardener, teacher and author, Charles shares the technique with Julia and me, and view the bountiful results.

NZ Permaculture

A selection of video stories of how New Zealanders have started their own gardens

Guide to sowing seeds

Great introduction

Abundance in Your Backyard

A popular clip from the US on how to create your own forest garden. One of the best introductions you’ll find. There are similar examples emerging here and in Australia.

12 Vegetables You Need To Plant 

Although this ‘City Prepping’ clip is out of the US and hence 6 months out in terms of planting timeframes, is still a great tutorial

Ref Rumble channel

Avoid food shortages & surprises

Nobody knows what’s around the corner. Be it natural disasters, rogue government policies or worldwide political forces determined to disrupt food supplies, growing your own food has never been more important…

Start your journey at home, or with a local community group. It could be the best decision you’ll ever make for your family and neighbourhood.

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Saving Seeds

Whatever happens to seed affects the web of life.”
—Vandana Shiva

What Seeds to Buy & Seed Saving

This process begins by purchasing organic open pollinated/ heirloom seeds from seed conscious suppliers such as Realseeds for example. Enrolling on a seed saving online course, or ordering a good seed saving book such as Sue Stickland’s ‘Back garden Seed Saving.’

Plant, harvest and enjoy your produce but remember to keep seeds at the end of this season. 

In early spring, consider how you can get involved with exchanging with others.

Seed Exchanges

Many are listed here:

 On Telegram and want to set up a local one? 

#saveseedexchange UK is a telegram group for people wanting to set up local seed saving group within their region & exchange their saved seeds. The idea is that they post an Offer/Wanted in the group and arrange to meet at their local Hub or Library . 

A Hub can be anything from a PHA Hub, or Local Environmental Hub.

The Exchange must remain FREE OF CHARGE! This is important.

Seed sovereignty is the right to own, sow, breed, and save. Seeds are the common property of the community. Seeds are essentially the new currency!

Thanks to #saveseedexchange UK for writing this piece.